Utte, The Mad Cannibal

My Thursday Night Game, a lightly-hacked D&D 5e game set in Blackrock Archipelago, began with the players shipwrecked on an unknown island.  The island was shaped like a crescent, and on the opposite end, they could see, from their shipwrecked location, a lighthouse that might be lit to signal help.

Cannibal Reach

They are not alone on the island.  Aside from the rabid boars, hungry crustaceans, thousands upon thousands of seagulls, and other curiosities, two former shipmates play a prolonged and deadly cat-and-mouse game.  One of these two is Utte.

Utte has been here for years.  He himself could not tell you how long, save in how many he has eaten.  He keeps careful track of those.

Utte arrived on a ship that stopped at this lush looking island in search of provisions.  He nursed a grudge against the ship's crew and captain, due to lashings and half rations after he was falsely accused of stealing food.  When they landed, he waited until the crew disembarked, then killed the captain, and set the ship adrift. He then spent the next few years toying with and hunting the stranded crew.

Utte has set traps all around the island.  They are mostly nets, sleeping toxins, and other wilderness traps designed to maim, rather than kill.  He wants all the crew that slighted him to know who killed them.

After each kill, he painstakingly re-assembled each picked-clean skeleton.  He left each skeleton at the spot where the poor soul was caught.  The players may find these.  They may note the bite-marks, and the tiny holes in the larger bones, out of which the marrow was sucked.

When Utte had slain and eaten most of the crew, he started to see his victim's ghostly faces in a dream, aboard the same ship he had set adrift, hungry for vengeance.  He is terrified of them.  He once saw the ship far away at night, and believes they will find him.  He will try to stop the lighthouse from being lit at all costs.  He keeps the key on a chain around his neck.

Utte was human, still is, by some measures.  He is tall, bald, barrel-shaped, and built like The Kingpin from Spider-Man.  His teeth are too large, and they glint in the moonlight.  His eyes have gone milky-white, and seem to softly glow in the night.  He wears a girdle of human hair, into which is tucked a jet-black butcher's cleaver.

I used this guy as inspiration

Utte prefers to avoid direct fights when possible, especially when outnumbered.  He will try to divide the group, pick people off, and take them away to devour them.  He may build small fires to entice people into the darkness at night.  He can make quite convincing bird calls, and knows the Island very well.  He will try to keep control and hunt opportunistically.  

He is getting hungry for man-flesh, however.  His control is wavering.  Roll a d20 for the first near interaction with the group, with a -1 for each subsequent near interaction with the group.  On a 0 or lower, he can no longer control himself, and will charge ahead, moaning excitedly, to devour the meat he so needs.  Although, should the fight turn against him, he may regain his sense and try to escape.

Utte, The Mad Cannibal

HP: 65
AC: 14
Speed: 30 ft

STR: 16
DEX: 15
CON: 17
INT: 11
WIS: 13
CHA: 3

Skills: Stealth +4, Survival +6, Perception +5

Condition Immunities: None


Cleaver: +4 to hit, 1d6+3 slashing damage

Bite: As a bonus action, Utte may make a bite attack on any creature within 5 feet.  +3 to hit, 1d4+3 piercing damage.  Bitten targets are marked, and the taste gives Utte advantage to hit them.  Only one target may be marked at a time.  Utte gains half the damage dealt by a bite as temporary HP.

Cannibal Stare: As a bonus action, Utte stares hungrily into the eyes of one humanoid he can see.  The target must make a Wisdom (14) save, or be frightened for 1d4 rounds, as they feel the full weight of Utte's hunger and lust for flesh.  Roll a d6 each round after use, Recharges on a 6, or after a long rest.  On a natural 1, the target is paralyzed instead.

Wendigo Rage: Upon falling to 20% HP, Utte will enrage.  He gains resistance to Bludgeoning, Slashing, and Piercing.  He gains 25 temporary HP, and makes his next attack with advantage, as long as he can see an enemy.  His bites gain advantage, and he may make two in a round until by the temporary healing effect, he regains 10 hp.  The enrage state lasts as long as me maintains sight of a target.  He also gains the following Legendary Action:

Butcher's Cut: Utte swings his knife in an arc, hitting all enemies within 5 feet in a 270 degree cone.  Recharges on a 6.

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