One-Shots: The Taxmen Cometh

This is from my developing notebook of one-shots, for when you need a game night on the quick.

Lord Blood has sent you, his trusted Taxmen, throughout his domain to collect his cut.  Everbody pays.  You must collect.

If ANYONE tries to cheat the Taxmen, the Auditors will find out.  If ANY obstacle stands in the way of a good and loyal citizen's tithe, the Taxmen will remove it, and collect.

Between Agate and Jade squats the small town of Pearl, hunched under the wicked curve of Mount Everdeath.  As the mighty Tax-Wagon trundles closer toward Pearl and its full coffers waiting to be emptied, you spot a trail of thick, black smoke rising from Mount Everdeath's shadow!

i can draw i swear no ok fine i cant

You can only hope that the silver is safe!  Onwards!

The Silver is not safe. Much of the citizenry is kidnapped, and their coin with them!

But Lord Blood accepts no excuses. The Taxmen must collect, no matter what.

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